The Software Project Management Course addresses the following questions:

  • How to organize and plan a software project?
  • How to monitor and control a software project?

At the end of the Software Project Management Course, the student will:

  • Understand the project management process
  • Be able to apply project management tools and techniques for project planning, project estimates, project organization, project leadership and project monitoring and control.
  • Identify causes of project failure and success
This is a course on Experimental Software Engineering, taught by Fernando Brito e Abreu (FCT/UNL), in the realm of the EMOOSE Master Program.
This course will cover the concepts and foundations of model driven engineering (MDE) and its related technologies. We will review two approaches for implementation of MDE, Model-integrated Computing (MIC) and Model Driven Architecture (MDA). Students will do workshops and a final paper analyzing MDE domain, its advantages, issues and ways to tackle them.